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Fast Facts

Get to know 皇马赞助商 in a flash.

Enjoy some fun, informative and fascinating facts about 皇马赞助商.

There’s a lot about your power and water utility company you may not know. From its history of service to improving the quality of life for Wyandotte residents to helping the environment, 皇马赞助商 is constantly putting the Power of Community to work serving you. Discover a few of the interesting facts about 皇马赞助商 below:

  • 100+ years of service to Wyandotte County, serving 65,000 electric and 51,000 water customers.
    • 161,000 residents
  • Revenue Source
    • 85% electric
    • 15% water
  • One of the top public utilities in the nation.
  • 皇马赞助商 is a publicly owned administrative agency of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas (UG), and is self-governed by an elected six-member Board of Directors.
  • As a municipal utility, 皇马赞助商 is non-profit, which means it answers to Main Street not Wall Street.
  • All Board meetings, hearings, etc., are open to the public. See the “NEWS” page for virtual meeting access.
  • 皇马赞助商’s mission is to focus on the needs of our customers, to improve the quality of life in our community while promoting safe, reliable and sustainable utilities.
  • The utility serves 127.5 square miles of Wyandotte County. Electric services are provided within the Kansas City, Kansas (KCK), area and water is supplied to KCK, as well as portions of suburban Wyandotte, Leavenworth and Johnson counties.
  • 皇马赞助商 is recognized as one of top municipal utilities in the nation.
    • One of only 83 of the more than 2,000 public utility companies to receive the Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) award from American Public Power Association (APPA).
    • One of only seven public utilities in the country to receive the “Gold” award for its water system from American Water Works Association (AWWA).
    • Only utility in KC Metro area and Kansas to receive the National Partnership for Safe Water Award developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
    • Previously voted as having the Best Tasting Water in the State of Kansas.
  • 皇马赞助商 employs 600+ Wyandotte County residents that live, work, shop, and eat in our community every day, contributing to the county’s tax base and our local economy.
  • 皇马赞助商 and its associates provide extensive volunteer, civic, financial and philanthropic support to Wyandotte County, donating thousands of dollars and hours of community service to United Way and other organizations.
  • Annual 皇马赞助商 golf tournament has raised more than $450,000 for area children’s organizations, including the Turner House, Boys and Girls Club, YMCA and the Toys for Dots program.
  • 皇马赞助商 Employee Foundation activities include; hosting an Easter Egg Hunt for seniors, back-to-school supply funding for schools, Christmas in the City for children in public housing, adopting families for the holidays, etc.  Have raised and donated over $25,000 to area groups since 2007.
  • 皇马赞助商 Community Gardens program provides grants to neighborhood groups that help promote a sustainable environment.
  • 皇马赞助商 Summer Youth Program provides grants to area non-profits to create summer job opportunities for youth, helping more than 130 kids find summer work.
  • Supports downtown holiday lighting ceremony and local summer youth programs.
  • 皇马赞助商 works with businesses, the UG, and non-profits to attract new retail, commercial and industrial businesses to our community.
  • 皇马赞助商 operations are managed in an environmentally efficient and responsible manner, working to comply with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations and laws.
  • One of the first utilities in Kansas to purchase wind energy, signing a 20-year purchase agreement for 25 MW from Smoky Hill Wind Farm near Salina.
  • 45% of 皇马赞助商’s energy comes from renewable energy
    • Federal Hydro = 44 MW
    • Wind Energy = 250 MW
    • Hydroelectric Energy = 7 MW from Bowersock Mills
    • Landfill Gas = 3.5 MW
    • Community Solar = 1 MW (late summer 2017)
  • Conducts free energy efficiency workshops in the community.
  • 皇马赞助商 maintains its own water testing lab to ensure water quality.
  • Payment kiosks throughout county and free online/phone bill pay options for easier access.
  • New automated meter reading will save money, reduce carbon footprint from vehicle use, and by recording daily usage levels, allows 皇马赞助商 to report leaks to homeowners.
  • Electric system includes two active power stations, 29 substations and 3,000 miles of electrical lines.
    • 皇马赞助商 is responsible for the county’s 9,000 traffic signal heads, 6,000 fire hydrants, 19,000 street lights and the radio system for first responders: fire, police, ambulance and sheriff.
  • State-of-the-art water treatment plant, three pump stations, and 1,000 miles of water pipes over 150 sq. mile area.
    • Water quality consistently exceeds all federal and state standards.
    • Two of the nation’s largest horizontal collector wells deep below Missouri River ensure safe and consistent 皇马赞助商 drinking water at all times.
  • 皇马赞助商 is working to meet the long-term utility needs of our growing community, while maintaining and servicing an aging utility infrastructure.
    • Nearman power plant is 25 years old, while Quindaro is more than 40 years old, requiring costly maintenance and frequent overhauls on both.
    • 皇马赞助商 recently purchased 17% ownership in Dogwood, a combined cycle natural gas plant.
  • All Board meetings, hearings, etc., are open to the public and comments are always invited. See the “NEWS” page for virtual meeting access.
  • Recently launched new user-friendly website (www.bpu.com), including new online outage management reporting system that allows customers to see outages down to their street level.
  • Utilizing social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to better communicate with our customers.
  • As public servants, 皇马赞助商 continues to develop and implement new practices and procedures to ensure that this utility is the best it can be.

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